This is my personal pet project, portfolio, and overall testing ground for stuff.

There is not a lot to say about the website, really. Currently it's in a WIP state, but it's getting fleshed out with time. I intend for this website to essentially become my main personal hub. My art, my photography, music doodles, opinion pieces, a commissions page, and a way for people to check my work overall.

This website is perhaps too minimalistic for it's own good. But i want something that just showcases my work, withouth the fluff of social media.

On top of this being a platform for self advertisment this is also a good refresher on web technologies, and server management. This website is essentially living proof of most of my skills, as everything is configured manually by me and it exists through my own force.

However, as of July, 2021. There are plans to move this website from static self-hosted webpages, to something that is less painful to work on and edit as i make changes to the platform.


I am ZanaGB. An all-around nerd, that likes photography and 2D art, would love to get started with 3D stuff, and perhaps loves bunnies and the Soviet Space Programme a bit too much

For most of my art, I am pretty much inclined to do pixel art, however, I'm good at the other sides of 2D digital art. I have not had that much time to play around with mixed media or traditional painting, but I'd love to at some point.



A tip jar so far. I post my drawings and other bits and bobs here first, then they go public later on. I put all my sources there, so, you may want to check it out and chip in to look at the backlog!


It's been my alternative venue after the bird ship start sinking.


Parked Username. No activity here, really..

Blue Sky

Another parked Username. I don't know


Parked, ancient account.


This is where I used to be the most active at. General bunny posting, art, and other things that fancy me appear here. Dead after the new management.


Slightly newer art archive. Questionable policies under effect.


Wix's disastrous management of the site as well as using AI Art wholesale has turned this profile into an historical archive for Pixel-Art and Photography


My YouTube channel. I don't do much here, I generally post music mashups, gameplay clips, and the ocassional review. It's mostly all spur-of-the-moment content.


My Pouet profile. Here's where all the demoscene productions I work on appear at after released on their own events. Worth a visit to see my pixel work overall!


Sometimes I post here. But for the most part the doodles I make don't really go public. You can check them on the link over at my music page instead.


I do not stream much, but when I do, I stream here! I am often super quiet so I dont do much live ( and until now, i was drawing on an iPad so no streaming from that ). Here's hope I change that.